Author events, organized alphabetically.

Brooks, Geraldine. Q&A regarding Caleb's Crossing.
Jocelyn, Marthe. Interview in connection with Scribbling Women.
Trent, Kilby. Interview with the author of Stones for My Father.

Alphabetical reviews by author, plus publication dates.
Aguirre, Ann. Enclave. Razorland #1. (Apr. 2011)
Allen, Preston L. Every Boy Should Have a Man. (May 2013)
Alvarez, Julia. How the GarcĂ­a Girls Lost Their Accents. (1991)
Amirrezvani, Anita. Equal of the Sun. (Jun. 2012)
Anderson, Gary. Little Crow: Spokesman for the Sioux. (1986)
Anthony, Joelle. The Right and the Real. (Apr. 2012)
Ashton, Brodi. Everneath. Everneath #1. (Jan. 2012)
Auslander, Shalom. Hope: A Tragedy. (Jan. 2012)
Austen, Jane. Emma. (1815)
Ausubel, Ramona. A Guide to Being Born. (May 2013)

Bachorz, Pam. Drought. (Jan. 2011)
Bamber, Linda. Taking What I Like: Stories. (Jul. 2013)
Barry, Kevin. City of Bohane. (May 2011)
Bartolomei, Fabio. Alfa Romeo 1300 and Other Miracles. (2011; Oct. 2012)
Basso, Keith H. Wisdom Sits in Places. (1996)
Baum, L. Frank. The Wizard of Oz. Oz #1. (1900)
Baum, L. Frank. The Patchwork Girl of Oz. Oz #7. (1913)
Bauman, Richard. Story, Performance, and Event. (1986)
Beatty, Patricia. Who Comes With Cannons? (1992)
Beck, Robin. Chiefdoms, Collapse, and Coalescence in the Early American South. (Jun. 2013)
Bedford, Martyn. Flip. (Apr. 2011) Isaac's guest review.
Beier, Matthew J. The Breeders. (Jan. 2012)
Bell, Matt. In the House Upon the Dirt Between the Lake and the Woods. (Jun. 2013)
Bender, Aimee. The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake. (Jun. 2010)
Berman, Sabina. Me, Who Dove into the Heart of the World. (2010; Aug. 2012)
Birch, Carol. Jamrach's Menagerie. (Jun. 2011)
Birchfield, D.L. Field of Honor. (2004)
Block, Francesca Lia. Psyche in a Dress. (2006)
Block, Francesca Lia. The Rose and the Beast. (2000)
Boahen, A. Adu. African Perspectives on Colonialism. (1989)
Bohjalian, Chris. The Sandcastle Girls. (Jul. 2012)
Bolz-Weber, Nadia. Pastrix. (Sep. 2013)
Borroff, Marie. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. (trans. - 1963)
Bourke, Pat. Yesterday's Dead. (Apr. 2012)
Boyne, John. Noah Barleywater Runs Away. (May 2011)
Bradley, Alan. I Am Half-Sick of Shadows. Flavia de Luce #4. (Nov. 2011)
Bray, Libba. Going Bovine. (2009)
Bray, Libba. Beauty Queens. (May 2011)
Brecht, Bertolt. The Threepenny Opera. (1928)
Bridges, Robin. The Gathering Storm. Katerina Trilogy #1. (Jan. 2012)
Brooks, Geraldine. Caleb's Crossing. (May 2011)
Bronte, Anne. Agnes Grey. (1847)
Bronte, Charlotte. Jane Eyre. (1847)
Bronte, Charlotte. Shirley. (1849)
Brown, Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn. Becoming Sister Wives. (May 2012)
Browne, S.G. Big Egos. (Aug. 2013)
Burdekin, Katharine. The End of This Day's Business. (written 1935; pub. 1990)
Burgess, Anthony. Honey for the Bears. (1963)
Burgess, Anthony. Earthly Powers. (1980)
Burns, Olive Ann. Leaving Cold Sassy. Sequel to Cold Sassy Tree. (1992)
Burroughs, Edgar Rice. The Return of Tarzan. Tarzan #2. (1913)
Burroughs, Edgar Rice. The Beasts of Tarzan. Tarzan #3. (1914)
Burroughs, Edgar Rice. The Land That Time Forgot. Caspak trilogy. (1918)

Cabot, Meg. Abandon. Abandon #1. (Apr. 2011)
Canon, James. Tales from the Town of Widows. (2007)
Card, Orson Scott. Pathfinder. Serpent World #1. (Nov. 2010)
Carey, Peter. Parrot and Olivier in America. (Oct. 2009). DNF.
Carmody, Isobelle. Wavesong. Obernewtyn #5. (2008)
Carter, Angela. The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories. (1979)
Casares, Oscar. Brownsville: Stories. (2003)
Catmull, Katherine. Summer and Bird. (Oct. 2012)
Chancellor, James D. Life in the Family: An Oral History of the Children of God. (2000)
Charbonneau, Joelle. The Testing. The Testing #1. (Jun. 2013)
Chaviano, Daina. The Island of Eternal Love. (2006; 2008)
Chejfec, Sergio. The Planets. (Jun. 2012)
Claudel, Philippe. The Investigation. (2010; Jul. 2012)
Cline, Ernest. Ready Player One. (Aug. 2011)
Cobb, William J. The Bird Saviors. (Jun. 2012)
Colfer, Eoin. The Atlantis Complex. Artemis Fowl #7. (2010)
Collins, Suzanne. The Hunger Games. Hunger Games #1. (2008)
Company, Flavia. The Island of Last Truth. (2011; Oct. 2012)
Condie, Ally. Matched. Matched #1. (Nov. 2010)
Cooper, James Fenimore. The Last of the Mohicans. (1841)
Cooper, Michelle. A Brief History of Montmaray. Montmaray Journals #1. (2009)
Cooper, Michelle. The FitzOsbornes in Exile. Montmaray Journals #2. (Apr. 2011)
Cooper, Michelle. The FitzOsbornes at War. Montmaray Journals #3. (Oct. 2012)
Crockett, S.D. After the Snow. After the Snow #1. (Mar. 2012)
Crompton, Anne Eliot. Percival's Angel. Arthurian Novels. (1999)
Cummins, Joseph. Ten Tea Parties: Patriotic Protests That History Forgot. (Jan. 2012)
Czolgosz, W. Bill. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Zombie Jim. (Apr. 2011)

Darger, Joe, Alina, Vicki, and Valerie. Love Times Three. (Sep. 2011)
Dashner, James. The Maze Runner. Maze Runner #1. (2009)
De Forest, John William. Miss Ravenel's Conversion from Secession to Loyalty. (1867)
de Rojas, Fernando. The Celestina. (1499)
Dennys, Joyce. Henrietta Sees It Through. Sequel to Henrietta's War. (Feb. 2011)
DeStefano, Lauren. Wither. Chemical Garden #1. (Mar. 2011)
Diaz, Junot. Drown. (1996)
Diaz, Junot. The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. (2007)
Dickens, Charles. A Tale of Two Cities. (1854)
Dickens, Charles. Great Expectations. (1861)
Dickens, Charles and Sherri Erwin. Grave Expectations. (Aug. 2011)
DiSclafani, Anton. The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls. (Jun. 2013). DNF.
Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee. Oleander Girl. (Mar. 2013)
Dokey, Cameron. Golden. Once Upon a Time. (2006)
Dunthorne, Joe. Wild Abandon. (2011/Jan. 2012)

Edwards, Eve. The Other Countess. Lacey Chronicles #1. (Jul. 2010/Jul. 2011)
Edwards, Eve. The Queen's Lady. Lacey Chronicles #2. (Feb. 2011/Apr. 2012)
Epstein, Jennifer Cody. The Gods of Heavenly Punishment. (Mar. 2013)
Erwin, Sherri and Charles Dickens. Grave Expectations. (Aug. 2011)
Eschbach, Andreas. The Carpet Makers. (1995; 2005)
Esquivel, Laura. Like Water for Chocolate. (1989; 1992)
Ethridge, Robbie. From Chicaza to Chickasaw. (2010)
Eugenides, Jeffrey. Middlesex. (2002)

Fagan, Jenni. The Panopticon. (Jul. 2013 - U.S.)
Falls, Kat. Dark Life. Dark Life #1. (May 2010)
Farmer, Ben. Evangeline. (Apr. 2010)
Feldman, Deborah. Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots. (Feb. 2012)
Feldman, Deborah. Exodus. (Mar. 2014)
Fell, Barry. America B.C. (1976)
Flaubert, Gustave. Madame Bovary. (1856)
Ford, Michael Thomas. Jane Goes Batty. Jane Fairfax #2. (Feb. 2011)
Flannery, Tim. Here on Earth: A Natural History of the Planet. (Apr. 2011)
Flinn, Alex. Beastly. Kendra Chronicles #1. (2007)
Fortier, Anne. Juliet. (Aug. 2010)
Frame, Ronald. Havisham. (Nov. 2012/Nov. 2013)
France, Anatole. Penguin Island. (1908)

Gallagher, Brad. Escape from Zobadak. (Jul. 2011)
Galland, Nicole. I, Iago. (Apr. 2012)
Gantz, Jeffrey. The Mabinogion. (trans. - 1976)
Gardner, John. Grendel. (1971)
Garner, Em. Contaminated. (Jul. 2013)
Geda, Fabio. In the Sea There are Crocodiles. (Aug. 2011)
Ghislain, Gary. How I Stole Johnny Depp's Alien Girlfriend. (Jun. 2011)
Giordano, Paolo. The Solitude of Prime Numbers. (2008)
Goldman, William. The Princess Bride. (1972)
Goodall, Jane. In the Shadow of Man. (1971)
Goodwin, Daisy. The American Heiress. (Jun. 2011)
Gottschall, Jonathan. The Storytelling Animal. (Apr. 2012)
Govier, Katherine. The Printmaker's Daughter. (Nov. 2011)
Grahame, Kenneth. The Wind in the Willows. (1908)
Grant, Michael. BZRK. BZRK #1. (Feb. 2012)
Griffin, Adele. Tighter. (May 2011)
Groff, Lauren. Arcadia. (Mar. 2012)
Grozni, Nikolai. Wunderkind. (Sep. 2011)
Gunning, Sally. The Rebellion of Jane Clarke. Satucket #3. (Jun. 2010)

Haggard, H. Rider. She. She #1. (1886)
Haig, Matt. The Radleys. (Dec. 2010)
Haley, Gail E. Mountain Jack Tales. (1992)
Halpern, Sam. A Far Piece to Canaan. (May 2013)
Hamdun, Said and Noel King. Ibn Battuta in Black Africa. (2005)
Handler, Richard and Eric Gable. The New History in an Old Museum. (1997)
Hardy, Melissa. The Geomancer's Compass. (Nov. 2012)
Hardy, Thomas. Tess of the d'Urbervilles. (1891)
Heaney, Seamus. Beowulf. (trans. - 1999)
Heinberg, Richard. Memories & Visions of Paradise. (2007)
Heller, Jason. Taft 2012. (Jan. 2012)
Hemphill, Stephanie. Your Own, Sylvia. (2007)
Herdt, Gilbert. The Sambia. (2006)
Hesse, Hermann. Narcissus and Goldmund. (1930)
Hesse, Hermann. The Fairy Tales of Hermann Hesse. (1995)
Hesse, Karen. Safekeeping. (Sep. 2012)
Hiaasen, Carl. Chomp. (Mar. 2012)
Higashino, Keigo. The Devotion of Suspect X. (Feb. 2011)
Higgins, Jane. The Bridge. (Aug. 2011/Oct. 2012)
Hirsch, Jeff. The Darkest Path. (Sep. 2013)
Hite, Ann. Ghost on Black Mountain. (Sep. 2011)
Hockensmith, Steve. Dreadfully Ever After. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies #3. (Mar. 2011)
Hodgson, Godfrey. The Myth of American Exceptionalism. (2009)
Hoeg, Peter. The Elephant Keepers' Children. (2010; Oct. 2012)
Hoffer, Peter Charles. The Historians' Paradox. (2008)
Holzer, Hans. Long Before Columbus. (1992)
Homer. The Iliad. (8th cent. BC)
Homer. The Odyssey. (8th cent. BC)
Hough, Jason. The Darwin Elevator. Dire Earth Cycle #1. (Jul. 2013)
Howe, Katherine. The House of Velvet and Glass. (Apr. 2012)
Howey, Hugh. Wool. Wool #1-5; Silo #1. (Jan. 2012)
Howse, Emily. Zitface. (Apr. 2011)
Hudson, W.H. Green Mansions. (1904)
Huxley, Aldous. Island. (1962)

Jackson, Shirley. The Haunting of Hill House. (1959)
Jackson, Shirley. We Have Always Lived in the Castle. (1962)
James, Henry. The Turn of the Screw. (1898)
Jocelyn, Marthe. Scribbling Women. (Mar. 2011)
Johnson, Alaya Dawn. The Summer Prince. (Mar. 2013)
Johnson, Paul and Sean Wilentz. The Kingdom of Matthias. (1994)
Justice, Faith L. Selene of Alexandria. (2009)

Kasischke, Laura. In a Perfect World. (2009)
Kennedy, James. The Order of Odd-Fish. (2008)
Kent, Trilby. Stones for My Father. (Mar. 2011)
Keplinger, Kody. Shut Out. (Sep. 2011)
Kesey, Ken. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. (1962)
Keun, Irmgard. After Midnight. (1937)
Keyes, Pamela. The Jumbee. (Oct. 2010)
King, Tom. A Once Crowded Sky. (Jul. 2012)
Kipling, Rudyard. The Man Who Would Be King. (1888)
Kis, Danilo. A Tomb for Boris Davidovich. (1976)
Kitamura, Katie. Gone to the Forest. (Aug. 2012)
Kittredge, Caitlin. The Iron Thorn. Iron Codex #1. (Feb. 2011)
Kittredge, Caitlin. The Nightmare Garden. Iron Codex #2. (Feb. 2012)
Knight, Karsten. Wildefire. Wildefire #1. (Jul. 2011)
Kohler, Sheila. The Bay of Foxes. (Jun. 2012)
Krivak, Andrew. The Sojourn. (Apr. 2011)
Krol, Torsten. The Dolphin People. (2006)

Ladd, Brian. The Ghosts of Berlin. (1997)
Lam, Andrew. Birds of Paradise Lost. (Mar. 2013)
Lane, Andrew. Death Cloud. Young Sherlock Holmes #1. (Feb. 2011)
Larkin, Jillian. Vixen. Flappers #1. (2010)
Larkin, Jillian. Ingenue. Flappers #2. (2011)
Larson, Kirby. The Fences Between Us. Dear America. (Dec. 2010)
Laugheed, K.B. The Spirit Keeper. (Sep. 2013)
Lee, Chang-rae. On Such a Full Sea. (Jan. 2014)
Lee, E. Lawrence. Indian Wars in North Carolina 1663-1763. (1997)
Lennox, Charlotte. The Female Quixote. (1752)
Levitt, Paul M. Stalin's Barber. (Dec. 2012)
Leyshon, Nell. The Colour of Milk. (2012)
Lipsitz, George. Midnight at the Barrelhouse. (2010)
Liu, Peter Tieryas. Watering Heaven. (Oct. 2012)
Lore, Pittacus. I Am Number Four. Lorien Legacies #1. (Aug. 2010)
Lott, Tim. Fearless. (2007)
Lyon, George Ella. Holding on to Zoe. (Jul. 2012)

MacColl, Michaela. Promise the Night. (Nov. 2011)
MacColl, Michaela. Always Emily. (Apr. 2014)
MacDonald, George. Phantastes. (1858). DNF.
MacNeish, Richard S. and Jane G. Libby, ed. Pendejo Cave. (2003)
Manchette, J.P. Fatale. (1977; Apr. 2011)
Mann, Thomas. Lotte in Weimar. (1939)
Mantel, Hilary. Wolf Hall. (2009)
Marie de France. The Lais of Marie de France. (12th cent.)
Marquez, Gabriel Garcia. Love in the Time of Cholera. (1985)
Marriott, Zoe. Shadows on the Moon. (Jul. 2011)
Marriott, Zoe. The Swan Kingdom. (2007)
Martinez, Brian. A Chemical Fire. (Jul. 2010)
Mazari, Najaf and Robert Hillman. The Honey Thief. (Apr. 2013)
McBride, James. The Good Lord Bird. (Aug. 2013)
McCann, Jessica. All Different Kinds of Free. (Apr. 2011)
McCarthy, William Bernard, ed. Jack in Two Worlds. (1994)
McCaughrean, Geraldine. The White Darkness. (2007)
McGill, Bernie. The Butterfly Cabinet. (Jul. 2011)
Meyer, Marissa. Cinder. Lunar Chronicles #1. (Jan. 2012)
Miller, Madeline. The Song of Achilles. (2011)
Mistry, Rohinton. Family Matters. (2002)
Monchinski, Tony. Eden. Eden Trilogy #1. (2008/Dec. 2011)
Monroe, Mary Alice. The Butterfly's Daughter. (May 2011)
Montillo, Roseanne. The Lady and Her Monsters. (Feb. 2013)
Morgenstern, Erin. The Night Circus. (Sep. 2011)
Morris, William. News from Nowhere. (1890)
Mukherjee, Siddhartha. The Emperor of All Maladies. (Nov. 2010). DNF.

Nayeri, Dina. A Teaspoon of Earth and Sea. (Jan. 2013)
Niane, D.T. Sundiata. Re-read. (c.13th cent.)
Nickerson, Jane. Strands of Bronze and Gold. Strands of Bronze and Gold #1. (Mar. 2013)
Niven, Jennifer. Velva Jean Learns to Fly. Velva Jean #2. (Aug. 2011)
Nunez, Sigrid. Salvation City. (Sep. 2010)
Nye, Naomi Shihab. Habibi. (1997)

Oketani, Shogo. J-Boys: Kazuo's World, Tokyo, 1965. (Jul. 2011)
Oliver, Lauren. Delirium. Delirium #1. (Feb. 2011)
Oliver, Lauren. Pandemonium. Delirium #2. (Feb. 2012)
Oman, Lela Kiana. The Epic of Qayaq. (1995)
Ong, Walter J. Orality & Literacy. (1982)
Orloff, Erica. Illuminated. (Dec. 2011)

Painter, Nell Irvin. Sojourner Truth: A Life, a Symbol. (1997)
Palma, Felix J. The Map of Time. Victorian Trilogy #1. (2008; Jun. 2011)
Pastan, Rachel. Alena. (Jan. 2014)
Patchett, Ann. State of Wonder. (Jun. 2011)
Patron, Susan. Behind the Masks. Dear America. (Jan. 2012)
Peacock, Shane. The Dragon Turn. Boy Sherlock Holmes #5. (Sep. 2011)
Pearce, Jackson. Sweetly. Fairytale Retellings #2. (Aug. 2011)
Pearson, Mary E. The Adoration of Jenna Fox. Jenna Fox Chronicles #1. (Apr. 2008)
Pearson, Mary E. The Fox Inheritance. Jenna Fox Chronicles #2. (Aug. 2011)
Pearson, Mary E. Fox Forever. Jenna Fox Chronicles #3. (Mar. 2013)
Perdue, Theda and Christopher Arris Oakley. Native Carolinians. (2010)
Perisic, Robert. Our Man in Iraq. (Apr. 2013)
Petterson, Per. Out Stealing Horses. (2003; 2005)
Perlich, John and David Whitt (ed.). Millennial Mythmaking. (Dec. 2009)
Pierce, Tamora. Bloodhound. Tortall: Beka Cooper #2. (2009)
Pierce, Tamora. Mastiff. Tortall: Beka Cooper #3. (Oct. 2011)
Pierce, Tamora. Battle Magic. Emelan: The Circle Reforged #3. (Sep. 2013)
Pleij, Herbert. Dreaming of Cockaigne: Medieval Fantasies of the Perfect Life. (2001)
Plum-Ucci, Carol. Following Christopher Creed. Sequel to The Body of Christopher Creed. (Sep. 2011)
Potter, Ellen. The Kneebone Boy. (Aug. 2010)
Potter, Ellen. The Humming Room. (Feb. 2012)
Powers, Sandy. Passage. (Mar. 2011)
Poznanski, Ursula. Erebos. (2010; 2012)
Pynchon, Thomas. Gravity's Rainbow. (1973)

Rees, Celia. The Fool's Girl. (Jul. 2010)
Rees, Rod. The Demi-Monde: Winter. Demi-Monde Saga #1. (2011)
Rees, Rod. The Shadow Wars. Demi-Monde Saga #2. (Feb. 2013)
Reichert, Mickey Zucker. I Robot: To Protect. (Nov. 2011)
Reichs, Kathy. Break No Bones. Temperance Brennan #9. (2006). DNF.
Restrepo, Bettina. Illegal. (Mar. 2011)
Revis, Beth. Across the Universe. Across the Universe #1. (Jan. 2011)
Revis, Beth. A Million Suns. Across the Universe #2. (Jan. 2012)
Revis, Beth. Shades of Earth. Across the Universe #3. (Jan. 2013)
Rhoden, TF and TLS. Burmese Refugees. (Aug. 2011)
Richter, Daniel K. Facing East from Indian Country. (2001)
Ridgway, Bee. The River of No Return. (Apr. 2013)
Ritchie, Donald A. Doing Oral History. (2003)
Robida, Albert. The Clock of the Centuries. (1902)
Rosero, Evelio. Good Offices. (2011)
Ross, Elizabeth. Belle Epoque. (Jun. 2013)
Roth, Veronica. Divergent. Divergent #1. (May 2011)
Roy, Anuradha. An Atlas of Impossible Longing. (Apr. 2011)
Roy, Anuradha. The Folded Earth. (Apr. 2012)
Royce, John Allen. Eclipsed by Shadow. Legend of the Great Horse #1. (Oct. 2008)
Royce, John Allen. The Golden Spark. Legend of the Great Horse #2. (Jan. 2011)
Rucker, Rudy. The Hollow Earth. (1990)
Rucker, Rudy. Postsingular. (2007)
Ryan, Carrie. The Forest of Hands and Teeth. Forest of Hands and Teeth #1. (2009)

Sales, Ian. Adrift on the Sea of Rains. (Apr. 2012)
Sandell, Lisa Ann. Song of the Sparrow. (2007)
Sankaran, Lavanya. The Hope Factory. (Apr. 2013)
Saunt, Claudio. A New Order of Things: Property, Power, and the Transformation of the Creek Indians, 1733-1816. (1999)
Schwab, Eileen Clymer. Shadow of a Quarter Moon. (Jul. 2011)
Scott, Sir Walter. Waverley. (1814)
Shakespeare, William. King Lear. (1608)
Shaw, Ian (ed.). The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt. (2000)
Shua, Ana Maria. Without a Net. (Jul. 2012)
Snell, Daniel. Life in the Ancient Near East. (1997)
Shepard, Sara. Pretty Little Liars #1. (2006)
Shoneyin, Lola. The Secret Lives of Baba Segi's Wives. (2010)
Shors, John. Temple of a Thousand Faces. (Feb. 2013)
Shotak, Marjorie. Nisa: The Life and Words of a !Kung Woman. (1981)
Silvey, Craig. Jasper Jones. (Apr. 2011)
Smibert, Angie. Memento Nora. Memento Nora #1. (Apr. 2011)
Smibert, Angie. The Forgetting Curve. Memento Nora #2. (May 2012)
Smith, Dominic. Bright and Distant Shores. (Sep. 2011)
Smith, Michael Farris. Rivers. (Sep. 2013)
Snodin, David. Iago. (Jan. 2012)
Sparks, Randy J. The Two Princes of Calabar. (2004)
Stephens, J.B. The Big Empty. Big Empty #1. (2004)
Stephens, J.B. Paradise City. Big Empty #2. (2004)
Stevenson, Robert Louis. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. (1886)
Stohl, Margaret. Icons. Icons #1. (May 2013)
Swift, Jonathan. Gulliver's Travels. (1726)
Szathmari, Sandor. Voyage to Kazohinia. (1941; Jul. 2012)

Tatar, Maria (ed.). The Classic Fairy Tales. (1998)
Tharp, Tim. Badd. (Jan. 2011)
Theroux, Paul. The Mosquito Coast. (1981)
Thompson, Chuck. Better Off Without 'Em. (Aug. 2012)
Tolstoy, Leo. War and Peace. (1869)
Tomlinson, Heather. Toads and Diamonds. (Mar. 2010)
Towfik, Ahmed Khaled. Utopia. (2008; trans. 2011)
Turnage, Sheila. Three Times Lucky. (May 2012)
Turtledove, Harry. Eruption. Supervolcano #1. (Dec. 2011)
Tweed, Thomas A. (ed.). Retelling U.S. Religious History. (1997)

Umrigar, Thrity. The World We Found. (Jan. 2012)
Undset, Sigrid. Kristin Lavransdatter. (1920-1922)
Urbach, Linda. Madame Bovary's Daughter. (Jul. 2011)
Ursu, Anne. Breadcrumbs. (Sep. 2011)

van Draanen, Wendelin. The Running Dream. (Jan. 2011)
Van Kirk, Sylvia. Many Tender Ties: Women in Fur-Trade Society, 1670-1870. (1983)
various. The End of the World: Classic Tales of Apocalyptic Science Fiction. (2010)
various. Shadow Show: All-New Stories in Celebration of Ray Bradbury. (Jul. 2012)
various. Welcome to Bordertown. Borderland. (May 2011)
Venkatraman, Padma. Island's End. (Aug. 2011)
Vidal, Gore. Lincoln. (1984)
Viguie, Debbie. Midnight Pearls. Once Upon a Time. (2003)
Villalobos, Juan Pablo. Down the Rabbit Hole. (2010; trans. 2011)
von Grafenberg, Wirnt. Wigalois. (13th cent.; trans. 1977)
Vreeland, Susan. The Forest Lover. (2004)

Wainaina, Binyavanga. One Day I Will Write About This Place. (Jul. 2011)
Walker, Karen Thompson. The Age of Miracles. (Jun. 2012)
Wallis, Velma. Two Old Women. (1993)
Ward, H. Trawick and R.P. Stephen Davis, Jr. Time Before History: The Archaeology of North Carolina. (1999)
Wauchope, Robert. Lost Tribes & Sunken Continents. (1962)
White, Kiersten. Mind Games. Mind Games #1. (Feb. 2013)
Williams, Kate. The Pleasures of Men. (2012)
Williams, Miriam. Heaven's Harlots. (1998)
Winters, Ben H. The Last Policeman. The Last Policeman #1. (Jul. 2012)
Winters, Ben H. Countdown City. The Last Policeman #2. (Jul. 2013)
Wiseman, Eva. The Last Song. (Apr. 2012)
Wiseman, Eva. Puppet. (2009)

Young, Moira. Blood Red Road. Dust Lands #1. (Jun. 2011)

Zevin, Gabrielle. All These Things I've Done. Birthright #1. (Sep. 2011)
Zimmerman, Jean. The Orphanmaster. (Jun. 2012)
Zipes, Jack. The Irresistible Fairy Tale. (Apr. 2012)
Zyzak, Magdalena. The Ballad of Barnabas Pierkiel. (Jan. 2014)