Book Lists

I like making lists of books, and I've made several on this blog. More will be added eventually.

Teen Reading
In my literary experience, there are some awesome YA books out there, but not all of them are well-known. Here's some of the best that I've read.

There's so many good books that have come out or are coming out recently (and quite a few that came out a good while ago)'s some that I am particularly coveting.

Dystopias and Utopias
Running tab of all the great utopias and their evil twins, dystopias, that are out there, both old and new. This list is by no means complete, as it consists primarily of books that I've had the opportunity to read and categorize as utopias/dystopias. Organized alphabetically by author; summaries are from GoodReads, Amazon, or Wikipedia. If I've reviewed them, the link to my review is included. This list will continue to be updated.

Local Interest Historical Fiction (North Carolina)
I'm always looking for good historical fiction set in North Carolina (and, selectively, in South Carolina as well), so here's a list of some of the novels that I've found. Hopefully this list will be updated frequently.