Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

While everyone else is out trick-or-treating tonight, I will be dressed like a hippie and playing in a trombone choir concert. My university is awesome and has a great trombone professor (Irv Wagner) who's organized a 30-member choir in which, since it's non-auditioned, I am quite fortunately able to participate. The music tonight seems to be an odd mix of classical trombone repertoire (all related to death and the Afterlife, because that's traditional for the instrument) and Broadway pieces. Here's some of them, though not played by our group:

Three Equali by Beethoven (Southeast Trombone Symposium)

Scherzo Funebre by Derek Bourgeois (OSU Choir)

Suite for Four Trombones by Flor Peeters (Quarteto de Trombones Gilberto Gagliardi)

Send in the Clowns by Stephen Sondheim, arr. Irv Wagner (Alessi Seminar Choir)


  1. How fun that you were allowed to dress up!! I was in the band in high school and one of my absolute favorite events was when the high school football game fell on Halloween and our directors said as long as EVERYONE was in costume we could march that way. It was an absolute blast.

    Hope you had a wonderful Halloween!

    1. I wish my high school director had let us do that! Thanks for commenting - the concert went well, and, since it's only expected of college-age and predominantly male trombone players, there were some very entertaining and original costumes.