Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Library

I said I was going to post pictures of my library (coming up on 1200 books), and I finally got the time to do it! Note: I am running out of bookshelf space; not pictured are a box of larger books and a stack of ARCs I need to review.

All books are organized by genre, then size. :) I'm OCD about this.

Sorry for the string of the camera being on the right side of the picture; I never said I was a good photographer.
The top three shelves are fantasy, the next realistic fiction, the bottom anything I don't know where else to put. The only gaps on this shelf are where books I've lent out to friends go, so it's about as packed as they get.
Mysteries on the top two shelves, historical fiction on the bottom three. The couple of books stacked in front are either ones I'm reading, about to read, or intend to give away.
I've resorted to the closet. :) That entire row of books is kid's mysteries - Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Dana Girls, Ruth Fielding, and a few other series.
It's a weird angle to take this picture at, but there's a bed in the way. The boxes hidden to the left contain my Harry Potter and Eragon books, as well as ancient and medieval literature. The top shelf is Renaissance through 18th century, the next is 18th/19th century, and the remaining three shelves are all 19th century literature. I like my classics. :)
Top shelf is 20th century literature, next one is old books I don't know where else to put, next is global history and literary history, then US history, and the bottom is anthropology/folklore and mythology/science.

Thus demonstrating that I have completely run out of bookshelf space, this is my dollhouse. My mom, friends, and I all built it when I was ten and painted all ten rooms and three hallways. Good thing we never bothered to put the roof on. Now it contains (besides some typical dollhouse stuff) my science fiction and classic fantasy books. And a pile of missmatched socks and some calc homework.

Well, that's my library. 1200 books in one teenager's room.


  1. Stuffed bookshelves, my favorite!! I cracked up at the sight of your dollhouse slash bookshelf - cute and inventive! :)

  2. That's a whole lotta books in a confined space!