Friday, May 20, 2011

Awesomeness: Miniature Books

As you may have noticed from my post about my library, I like miniature stuff - preferably dollhouse-sized. I just found this site called Bo Press Miniature Books that has miniature books, ranging from your average 1/12 scaled dollhouse size to about three inches in height. Their books are printed and illustrated on the inside, and though their prices are a bit high for me (I'm running on a high schooler's budget here), their work looks nice. So check it out! They also have some maps, boxes, and globes.

They have Phineas Fogg's map, for example.

Some interesting art books, like A Clutch of Corsets.
And my favorite, because it bills itself as being an Appalachian folk song, Silver Dagger.

These are only a few of their creations; there's much more on the website.

Anyone else know of some great publishers of miniature books?

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