Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Have an Idea...Thoughts?

I'm not sure if this is practical or would be at all popular, but what if I had a "swag box" that I let my followers (JUST followers, and I might make other requirements, too) choose objects out of for me to mail to them? I don't have that much swag - there's currently ten things that I would be willing to give away, and some of these aren't technically swag - but I don't want to just have it keep sitting around my room collecting dust and occupying space. I'd probably have a rule that anyone receiving swag would have to pick several things out of the box at a time; I don't want to mail out ten little individual packages. Anyway, thoughts? Here's what's currently in the box:

A Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children sample booklet; I think it's the first 60 pages or so.
A CD sampler of several recent YA releases from Random House.
A Carrie Jones bookmark.
Two Zoe Marriott bookmarks.
Two Zoe Marriott magnets.

Not actually swag:
Blue nail polish
BonBons lip gloss (sparkling raspberry)
Mary Kay lip gloss (pink)
All of these are unopened and unused.

I'm just throwing ideas up in the air; I don't want these things, but from what I've seen other bloggers giving away, others do and are willing to enter giveaways for swag.


  1. I wouldn't mind winning the nail polish. :)

  2. I would LOVE to win the Home for Peculiar Children samplet. I'm dieing to read it!

  3. great idea! i think you should do just one winner so postage is cheaper :)