Saturday, July 7, 2012

What a mess...

The weird angle is because I was standing on the desk to take the picture.

See that stack of collapsed boxes in the background? That's what all the books came here in.

My room, a couple days ago. After moving in on Tuesday, I unpacked and sorted all my books (a little over 1600 now) on Wednesday and have spent most of the time since then trying to shelve everything. I have two more bookshelves (!!!) than previously, but I lost the 6-foot-long closet shelf and the top of the dollhouse I'd been using to hold books in the last house. Anyway, here's the almost-final results in bad photography:

Ran out of shelf room. Now in search of small bookshelves to fit into tiny spaces. 

I was looking forward to unpacking and organizing everything, but it turned out to be a tedious and therefore frustrating and tiring task. Needless to say, I'm now rather behind on my reading...

Sidenote: Ironically, Andy Griffith died on the day we moved to his hometown.


  1. 1600!? I thought I had too many at like 300. I have a question: how do you organize them? By subject/genre/favorites?

    1. By genre, mostly. And then by size within genre, because I'm pretty OCD about my books being super-organized.

      There's no such thing as too many books! The problem is always space and shelf availability. :)

  2. I have 406 right now. I think my TBR pile is growing at a rate of a 100 a year. This is frightening. Where are we going to live if this keeps up?

    Mine are all packed so that we can move but we haven't sold our house yet.

    1. 100 used to be about the number a year by which my books grew, but then I found blog book giveaways and sources of cheap books. Now it's an unmentionable number. The funny thing is, my parents aren't much better. Moving is always fun...

      I hope your house selling and moving go as well as possible!