Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I'm Off to College!

My parents and I - little brother got left at home because of school - have embarked on the 1100-mile road trip that is driving from North Carolina to Oklahoma. We're currently halfway across Tennessee (we have to drive ALL THE WAY across it diagonally) and looking at about 12 hours in the car today. Bleh. But, after today, I will be exploring a new campus and starting Orientation before classes begin next week!

In the mean time, blogging will probably suffer. As with the beginning of any school year, reading starts to take a backburner to homework. I expect my reading and posting time will drop off, though of course I plan to continue maintaining this blog throughout the school year, just at a slower pace.


  1. Hope the drive wasn't too bad! Have a great year at school and have a blast at orientation. I am sure you will be busy!

  2. You're right near me!!! I'm in Oklahoma City, a little less than an hour away from you if you're going to USO. Exciting!

    1. Awesome! I'm actually at OU, so I'm even closer - only about 30 minutes.