Friday, May 18, 2012

Announcements, and I do not have a problem...

...right, just like my room in the following pictures is totally clean. Not. My problem is with collecting and hoarding books. If you were following me last year, you may remember these pictures I took of my library here. My room doesn't look the same now. There's more bookshelves. :) And, after a year of winning book giveaways and getting ARCs for review, they're all overflowing AGAIN, because I am a hoarder and only get rid of duplicate copies.

Before: all fantasy, realistic fiction, and random stuff
Now: contemporary sci-fi, half of the realistic fiction, and random stuff (bottom shelf, the one thing that hasn't changed)
That stack on top is about a foot and a half from the ceiling; I can barely reach the top now.
Before: mysteries on top two shelves, historical fiction on bottom three
Now: all historical fiction
And there's more in the box at the bottom of the picture. I've also resorted to stacking on the top of this shelf, but it's only seven books high at this point. You can't see the stacks on the bottom two shelves very well, though.
Before: vintage mysteries
Now: vintage mysteries
I haven't been reading much (erm, any) of the old children's mystery series lately, so I've added maybe one or two books to my closet shelf. My clothes haven't changed that much, either...
Before: wasn't here!
Now: 20th century lit on the top shelf and a half, mysteries on the others
I have way more 20th century novels than I did before, mostly because my interests have expanded with college lit classes. I'm about out of room already, though (some books are missing), and have started doubling stacks of paperbacks.

Before: Renaissance through 19th century literature
Now: Renaissance through 19th century literature
Same shelves...more books. It's not as obvious at this angle. All the Eragon and Harry Potter books are still in the boxes to the left, but they've now been joined by the overflow of contemporary sci-fi and realistic fiction books that are stacked in front and in the additional box next to the bed. That area looks so clean in the old picture...

Before: 20th century literature, old books, history, and other nonfiction/folklore/mythology
Now: ancient and medieval lit (used to be stacked on top of the Eragon/Harry Potter box) and literary history on the top shelf, old books on the next, world history on the third, U.S. history on the fourth, and science/folklore/mythology/social sciences on the bottom
Looks pretty much the same, just with more stacks in front.

Before: all sci-fi books (don't ask me how) and classic fantasy
Now: classic sci-fi and classic fantasy
You can't see around to the other side very well in this picture, but overall there's four rooms and half a hallway with books. The one shelf where there's (currently) fewer books than before!

Before: wasn't here!
Now: contemporary fantasy
I don't know how all this managed to fit onto three measly shelves before...this is actually my childhood bookcase, but I'd let my brother use it for a while before I reclaimed it, since I obviously need the space! Books are double-stacked on every shelf, and there's more on the top shelf hidden behind the stacks that are visible. On the desk are a bunch of picture books and the Magic Tree House series, as well as a stack of ARCs to review (not visible).

Well, that concludes my annual tour of the library. I am clearly a hoarder and blogging has only fed my habit! What's worse is that my room is about to be even more of a mess...

Announcement time!
First off, I graduated high school/community college last week! Hooray!!! Though, due to my odd scheduling of classes, I only finished with all my exams today...

Second, my family is moving in early July! Fortunately, it's only about two and a half hours away to what seems to be a very nice small town. We are currently engaged in room wars, mostly over whether or not I get the study (which has two walls of built-in, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves!) as my bedroom or not. My mom seems most concerned about my lack of a closet if I get the study, never mind that I'll be gone for 3/4 of the year.

Third, I FINALLY decided where I'm going to college! In August, I shall become a Sooner (I had to go to Wikipedia to find out what this is) at the University of Oklahoma in Norman! I'm in a mix of excitement and anxiety over this choice; OU has the programs I want and the scholarships I need, but it's a 16 hour drive to get there from North Carolina!


  1. Is that a dollhouse filled with books? varielle

    1. No, that's a dollhouse only partially filled with books. :) I knew there was a reason why I never bothered to put on the roof...