Sunday, August 7, 2011

The End of Summer

August 8 is my official first day of school, though as a senior I don't have to go until either the 19th or the 22nd. This means that I get to attend band camp from 8-4 these next two weeks! Lots of hot (it's been 105+ degrees in past years), hard-working fun. Going back to school, while I'm looking forward to my classes this year, is disappointing in that I probably won't have much time for reading anymore. Those reading times I post on reviews of a couple days will be changing to weeks, most likely. I'm anticipating my last year to be tough: eight-course semesters, section leader of the low brass, college applications (but first I have to actually decide where I'm going!), financial aid/scholarship stuff, final SATs, academic team competitions, church activities, community music groups...oh yeah, and blogging.

That list of twenty books I set for myself to read this summer? I've read thirteen. Pretty good, considering that I rarely actually stick to lists of to-read books. I've read forty books total since school ended in May, with three more that I haven't finished yet. Part of that number came from the Once Upon a Read-a-Thon back at the beginning of July. I feel very productive now, though I won't talk about how many more books I've acquired than I've read...

My classes this semester, at least as how they currently stand:
1st period: college physics I, college US history I, French IV
2nd period: AP art history, AP human geography
3rd period: AP biology, AP psychology
4th period: marching band
(Six of these classes are online, which is how I manage to cram so many into only four periods.)

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