Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What I've Been Up to Lately

Without realizing the passing time, I've been a lousy blogger and haven't posted anything in the past week. I was finishing up final exams and papers, then packing and driving halfway across the country back home. Of course, once I got home, I had to unpack all the books I've accumulated during my first year of college and shelve them.

I clearly underestimated the extent to which unpacking and sorting everything would make a mess. I have no idea how I managed to fit most of these books into my half of a small dorm room using only desk space and dresser drawers. I also have no idea where these books are going in my room, because I'm almost completely out of shelf space. Right now, half of the books above are back in boxes.

My apparent hoarding issues aside, I plan to get back to blogging regularly this week. That's the goal, anyway. I also start a museum internship (!!!) and online summer classes within the next few days, plus over this summer I plan on going on a couple of vacations, helping my mom with her home business, sewing some clothes, maybe volunteering at another historic site, and, oh yeah, reading. A lot. Because I came home to this:

Behold, the stack of ARCs that have come within the last 4-5 weeks and were held at home by my parents while I was away. I apologize to all the publishers and other review venues who have sent me these because I am super-duper behind with reading them. I'm currently on The Summer Prince and plan on basically just reading straight down this stack, which is mostly organized by release date. I promise to get caught up over the next few weeks!

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