Thursday, February 17, 2011

Awesomeness! Cinq

I'm really, super busy with school, so I'm going to make Awesomeness! an every other week thing instead of once a week.

This week's Awesomeness!

Broadview Press is one of my favorite publishers because of its extensive selection of mostly British (with some American thrown in) Restoration/18th century, 19th century, and Victorian literature. Seriously, it's amazing. Some of their books are scholarly editions of your average classics: most of Austen's works, Frankenstein, and, most recently, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Others are more esoteric: Tales of Wonder by M.G. "Monk" Lewis and The Victim of Prejudice by Mary Hays, to name two obscure novels by relatively well-known authors. Other books and authors I've only heard of by drooling over the Broadview catalog, and the press has some interesting anthologies as well of 19th century/Victorian short stories, nonfiction, and literary criticism.

Prices are generally reasonable, too. Most are between $20 and $30 for well-bound (but paperback), well-edited, scholarly editions of works that are often not in print anywhere else. So far I've snagged three Broadview books off of BookMooch and one for my birthday:

The Governess by Sarah Fielding
Millenium Hall by Sarah Scott
Anti-Pamela and Shamela by Eliza Haywood and Henry Fielding
Secresy by Eliza Fenwick

So fans of obscure and classic English literature, take a loooooong look at Broadview's catalog! They even have a nice chronological list...

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